What are RayGraphs?

RayGraphs are the creation of Ray Moss, and signify a new chapter in imaging.

The word itself combines elements of light, science, and art, and was coined to fill a gap between what people think of as 'traditional' photography, and 'digital imaging'.

These days, virtually every image we see in reproduction is, in fact, digital, whether manipulation has been done on it or not. The rapid change in printing to fully digital systems has allowed, and now demands a streamlining of content production. RayGraphs are the natural evolution of the new imaging workflow, encompassing all aspects of production.
With the new media landscape, it is now possible to exchange ideas in ways we'd never imagined before. Old production methods fail to maximize the potential of these new communications tools. RayGraphs utilize the newest vertical media integration methods, delivering the highest quality across multiple platforms.

If you want to find out even more about my imaging methods and philosophy behind it, then you'll want to get technical!

Ray Moss is a photography, media, and imaging specialist, based in Petaluma, California.
Ray has worked in almost every aspect of photography, imaging, and design for first print, and now the internet, since receiving a BA from The Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts and Sciences, Santa Barbara, CA, 1989. Ray's comprehensive understanding of photography and imaging allows him to utilize the best production and delivery methods for each project.

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