Petaluma to Costa Rica

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raysurfing DSCN5867 DSCN5862 DSCN6176 DSCN6178
Ray's dream, surfing big south swells!
Playas Pelada, local beaches
Punta Guiones, our beach
Chepa, and the sign we called on to buy our farm
The road was paved with 'For Sale' signs
DSCN6168 DSCN6009 DSCN6028 DSCN6022 _MG_7639
Closing the deal at Casa Molina
The view from our farm's upper level
Another ocean view
Trees and ocean view
Starting the road on our farm, last December
_MG_7715 _MG_7733 _MG_7080.4x _MG_7210 _MG_7213
The cabinas we're living in now in Esperanza
View from our cabinas - our farm's in the middle there, somewhere
Lightning storm over Playa Guiones
Howler Monkeys on our farm
Howler Monkey - "Hey, who are you?"
_MG_7476 _MG_7483 pelada.sunset _MG_8660 turtle
Tidepools at Playa Guiones
Playa Guiones
Punta Pelada at Sunset
Dawn at Ostional, Ridley turtles
Ridley Turtle at Playa Ostional - go to for more

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