Here are some of my favorite QTVR panoramas - Minus the VR part!

Since I don't want you to miss out on being able to see my work completely, I've put up these flat-earth versions of the images.
While you'll be able to see the images, you won't see them as they're meant to be, and some will look distorted. In fact, they are distorted, because they're meant to be viewed while wrapped around a sphere, to simulate the curvature of our eyes. In any case, enjoy!

Hotel Twin Dolphin Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Hotel Twin Dolphin Pool, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Grand Hyatt Bay Room, San Francisco
Bay Room - Hi-Res Sample Detail - Poster Size - Only 200K!

Grand Hyatt Bar, San Francisco

Vineyard View Room, Harvest Inn, Napa Valley, CA

The Observatory Bar, Inn at Morro Bay

Mermaid Statue, Esterillos, Costa Rica

Corcovado Stream, Costa Rica

Rainforest Streams, Corcovado, Costa Rica

Want to see more panos I've done? Check out the Virtual Tour Section of The San Francisco Grand Hyatt.

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