Hotel Twin Dolphin Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

These images illustrate the difference between what is usually delivered on the web for QTVR content, and what is really possible. The first image is from the full-size file that I produced, which was 23.4 megs, and has less JPEG compression applied to it than I normally use for internet delivery. The second image is the same section, as it appears in the QTVR node here on my site. The larger image makes an incredibly detailed QTVR node, which feels like you can zoom in forever. But, unfortunately, it's a little too big to deliver to most users through your standard 28.8 modem.

If you want to see this full-size node, here it is, You can view it directly within your browser, but your browser will probably downsample the colors, resulting in dithering, and thus diminishing the overall effect. Better to download it to your hard drive by click-holding here, and then open up the QuickTime player outside of your browser. Make sure your color is set to 24 bit, and enjoy!

This image looks incredible printed out. At 267 DPI, it makes a 5 x 22 inch print. At 100 DPI, which is what most banner printers output at, it's 14 x 60 inches!
Contact me if you're interested in seeing printed samples.

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